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First Entry

I feel like a drowned rat right now lol, explaining later...

It's my First full day in Japan~ I've been having adventures!

My first adventure was the flight. I HATE planes. I'm so glad that Shiho, Ryo, and I could change our seats so we could sit together... Otherwise I think I would've had a heart attack :/
There was a LOT of turbulence on the flight, and every time the plane started to shake I would freak out. Ryo kept taking my pulse and Shiho kept patting my arm. Thank you guys ToT
I did manage to sleep for a bit, not as much as Ryo did tho...Shiho was too excited to sleep. 
When the plane landed, I looked outside my window and said, "We're in Oakland o.O"
Because that's what it looked like, all foggy and green, like how it looks at the Oakland Airport.
The first thing I noticed after getting off the plane was how QUIET it was in Narita Airport. 
Not like America at all, where you can't even hear yourself think...
With the help of Ryo and his mom (who pointed out the booth) I got a bus ticket to Shinjuku Station. 
The bus ride reminded me of when I visited Veronica and Ashley in Santa Cruz...most of the terrain I saw outside of the window was the same, as well as the weather.
Once I got to Shinjuku Station, finding a taxi was easy. There was a line of then on the street! 
My taxi driver was an older man who was really friendly, he smiled the whole time he was driving!
We had a bit of trouble figuring out where to go, but it worked out well, sine, y'know, I got there.
After the taxi dropped me off, the manager of TenTen Guest House brought me to where I'm staying.
The interesting thing about the apartments in this area is that they're all on top of shops, with small entrances to staircases off to the side. Very different from the US. You can't really tell that there are people living there, until you get to the upper floors!
I share my room with 4 other girls right now. It's actually a 1k apartment (something like this), but the room has 3 bunk beds in it, so there's almost no space. Even walking to my bed is difficult. I have the top bunk and 2 shelves. That's it in the way of space. So it's really, REALLY crowded. But I'm ok with it~ Most of the girls seem nice...
My roommates are Japanese, Australian, German, and I think Norwegian. They all speak a little English at least, so it's not totally awkward.
I talked to the Australian and German girl quite a bit last night, and we almost ended up going out to Roppongi, but all the live music (which is what we wanted to see) starts pretty early, so we ran out of time. 
Plus I ended up crashing around 9pm.
Jet Lag grr...
After I got settled in, I had some time to explore the area, find my school and such.
I got lost on my way back ToT
And the cashier at the grocery store got annoyed at me for some reason when I went there to buy water.
...or maybe he was just annoyed to begin with.
I also found a Mister Doughnuts (ミスタードーナッツ), and got a doughnut. This was one of the things on the list that Mari gave me to do. They were pretty yummy, and the only thing I ended up eating for dinner lol.

Today I woke up around 10am, which means that trying to switch to Japan time when I was in the US worked! lol
I had nothing to do today.
So I went to Starbucks.
I really, really like the Starbucks that's here, it's nicer than the ones I've been to at home.
It actually has 3 levels to it: The ground level where you can buy the coffee and pastries, a half flight of stairs up where there are a few tables to sit at, and a half flight of stairs down with even more tables.
It seemed to me that the people working at Starbucks are a bit more used to foreigners than the other stores I've been to...and there were actually a few foreigners who can in when I was there. The cashier was very nice about helping me figuring out what to order, pointing out different things, and asking simple questions. The whole atmosphere of the place was very comfortable.
I ended up staying there for most of the day, reading a book~
When I decided to leave, it was raining.
Like, pouring rain.
And I had left my umbrella back at the Guest House.
Crap. >o>;
Walking in the rain here isn't as bad as it is in Pleasant Hill, where the rain is freezing cold and usually has wind to accompany it. I still got totally drenched, but I wasn't super uncomfortable.
Actually, when I was standing a a crossing path, waiting for the light to change, a man gave me his umbrella! After I crossed the street I tried to give it back, and he wouldn't take it. After bits of conversation I realized he was actually GIVING me the umbrella! I gave it back anyways when I had to turn to a different street...I felt bad about taking a stranger's umbrella ^^;
Ether way I ended up walking for about 10 minutes in the pouring rain.
Hence the feeling like a drowned rat.

Anyways, it's about 4:00pm here. I'm not sure what I'll do for the rest of the day...probably just hang out here. I have my placement test for my school tomorrow, so wish me luck! 


When I flew to Japan, there was lots of turbulence too xDD Haha. I hope you get along with your roomies.

I went to Japan for 9 days but never tried the Mister Donut xDD
Smile :)

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